Eddie Bailey is the founder of Old School Chronicles

Eddie Bailey is the founder of Old School Chronicles a radio talk show that reflects the history of Hip Hop. Eddie’s passion for music started at such a young age, from the streets of The Sugar hill section of Harlem, growing up in a predominately hip hop and reggae environment Triple O G embraced the culture. Intrigued with spinning records, making the crowd dance, listening to radio shows, he mastered his craft. Eddie joined the entertainment scene, in 2016, when he was a guest on the radio talk show 950 lounge and became known as Triple O G, the Frankie Crocker of Radio. Eddie has made guest appearances on several shows, attended  various venues and interviewed some of the greats, such as the legendary Grandmaster Caz, B Fats, Boogie Black, T Money, Treach from Naughty By Nature, Doctor Dre just to name a few. With such a passion for the Art of music he was enthused when asked to present such a prestigious award to one of our legends. One of Hip Hop pioneers none other than the Iconic legend himself Kool DJ Red Alert.  So many endeavours still to accomplish so many accolades received. The recognition, privilege and honor to be offered such a task was one of his most exuberant accolades thus far. Eddie is the CEO of the Daily Morning Word, where his spirituality. His love for God transposed into opening the day to thousands around the world, with words of encouragement. . He is CEO of Old School Chronicles an online streaming show that keeps you in the safety of your home while enjoying, the scene and atmosphere of the lounge. This show airs every Friday and Saturday evening from 8pm-10pm on Facebook live. Eddie is passionate in all that he sets out to do and his love for his people is carried out through his daily tasks in his professional career. He is chief engineer to two school systems. In which he and his staff is responsible for keeping the school environment safe for all. His personality, strength and wisdom is led by his Faith and belief for the Lord that guides his footsteps to the road of success for all his future endeavours.