Daily Prayers

Good Afternoon My People. Please forgive me for not posting my prayer early

Ihave been in the studio working on a new project for my people. so its better

late then never. let us pray. Father we know without you there would be no us

so we your people thank you for your many blessing. Heres a Thought If i May

for the people I Love Everyday….. God sees your weakness as His opportunity,

because when you lean on Him in weakness, He shows His strength through you.

Trust Him to do great and mighty things through your weakness. Amen….. Good Day……

God Bless You…. The choice is yours….. Thank you…… Be safe in your Travels to and from

your destinations. Love you as Always…. Remember to wear you mask as well as wash your

Hand Every step of the way. This Coravirus Pandemic is still here.

Our numbers are still on the rise and should be taken very seriously!!!

If we can just do our part God will take care of the rest. Have a Bless and Wonderful Day.

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